Orthodontics Care

The treatment of orthodontics has become very convenient, affordable and simplified than ever. People of all ages can benefit from the orthodontics procedures and ensure a fuller dental care and hygiene for themselves. Here are a few of the common benefits that orthodontics offers to its patients:

Appearance enhancer: Undergoing an orthodontic treatment at our clinic guarantees all our patients with better dental care and with an improved appearance that goes a long way, in both their professional and social lifestyles. Having a better smile can help an individual feel more confident and present oneself more ardently, in front of people. We ensure that your treatment at our clinic offers you the best result possible and lets you step out into the world, with a glowing face and a beaming smile.

Oral health and hygiene: With orthodontic procedures, having straight teeth is no more just a dream. Furthermore, it doesn’t only help boost your appearance but also helps you maintain oral hygiene. Straight teeth are easier to clean, maintain and also correct, in case they face any latter imperfections or issues.


When using braces, it becomes very crucial for the patient to understand the instructions provided for maintaining and working alongside with braces. Generally, the normal day-to-day activities go by just the same but it is better to have certain instructions handy than to later go through removable and insertion of new braces all over again.

  • It is essential to gargle with Fluoride mouthwash to keep your teeth free of caries.
  • Any part of the braces, getting loose or damaged, should be brought to the orthodontist’s notice immediately, to avoid future complications.
  • Brushing your teeth twice a day is a must for the success of the treatment. Change the toothbrush periodically to assure best results.

With ample benefits that enhance a person’s appearance and help in maintaining the oral health and hygiene, orthodontics is surely gaining importance in the dental section. It is never too late to consider any procedure, small or big, if it’s going to help you enhance your appearance and feel more confident and present yourself better!

Before Leaving The Clinic

There are routine procedures that we ask you to complete prior to leaving the clinic. Please make these a part of each appointment

  • Using you finger and tongue check that the wire ends do not hurt abrade the cheek/tongue.
  • Make sure you understand what you are due until your next appointment. This could include wearing elastics as instructed, adjusting an expander or following specific hygiene or diet instructions.
  • Make sure you have adequate supply of dental wax, special cleaning aids, rubber bands, or other treatment related materials that you may need between appointments.

Some types of foods are capable of breaking your bands/brackets or bending wires. All these prolong the treatment time and coast. The foods listed ahead are the ones that we have found to be the most common cause of loose band/brackets and broken orthodontic appliances. Please understand that list is not all inclusive /exhaustive and varies with diet patterns.

Hard Foods:

  • Ice (no crushing, please!)
  • Hard pizza crust
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn (hard kernels)
  • Hard candy
  • Carrots, apples (maybe eaten if cut into small pieces)
  • Corn on the cob (maybe eaten if sliced off the cob)
  • Meat (should be well cooked)
  • Chana , watana,supari,pan
  • Samosa, bharwadi, brun pao.

Do not bite /tear off anything with your front teeth such as burger, pizza, apple, guava, carrot, raddish, etc cut them into small piece for easy intake &then eat.

Sticky & Chewy Foods:

  • Caramel candy, toffee (e.g. éclairs, snickers)
  • Chikki
  • Sticky/chewy halwa
  • Jelly beans

Although the following type of food may not cause damage to orthodontics appliance, they do contribute to dental decay and unsightly white spots. Care should be taken to brush your teeth immediately after eating excessively sweet foods. If you cannot brush right away, then rinse thoroughly with water.

  • Cakes
  • Chips
  • Ice-cream
  • Cookies
  • Soft drinks (lemonade, soda)


Good Brushing Is Always Important, But Now That You Have Braces On Your Teeth, It Will Take Extra Time And Effort To Do A Good Brushing Job. Tips for thorough brushing include taking your time (we recommend 3 minutes) and develop a system, which you repeat every time you brush... poor brushing can result in permanent white spots and cavities on your teeth as well as bad breath so please brush thoroughly and often.

Remember to replace your toothbrush every 2-3 month or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush will not do a good cleaning job for your teeth.
Clean between your teeth daily, with interdental brush and a soft tooth brush, at least twice a day.

Since the braces and adhesive we use are very durable, many patients do not experience any breakage in the course of the treatment. However, we want you to have the necessary information in case you should encounter any breakages.

The below mentioned techniques will explain how to make yourself comfortable until you can back to the clinic for repairs. If a band /bracket loosen or something breaks don’t panic!! Breakage is not an emergency unless associated with pain and discomfort. PLEASE CONTACT THE CLINIC TO NOTIFY US OF THE SAME. Even if you are not experiencing any discomfort, the damage needs to be repaired. The braces we use are quiet strong but not unbreakable. If you exercise proper care very little if any, breakage should occur.


Precautions to be taken in case of emergencies

  • Bracket Loose: If the bracket is not causing any discomfort, leave it attached to the wire.
  • Band Loose: Chew on the opposite side avoid sticky foods. Contact the clinic for appointment to repair the same. If the band is along for your next appointment.
  • Wire Tie Is Causing Irritation: Cover it with wax or tuck it under the arch wire with a blunt object (e.g., eraser/ear bud)
  • Broken Arch Wire: Broken arch wire or the one that is irritating the gum/cheek tissue.
  • Please contact the clinic as soon as possible for replacement or adjustment.

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